05 April 2009

Snazy new layout..

...and a snazy new product to boot!

I've decided to lump some of my art in here as well. At the moment it's running very parallel to my feminism, so hopefully the biggest difference you lovely people will notice is the presence of far more pictures and snarky warnings that I will hunt down anyone who rips those images off without reference.

Who knows, maybe I will even post more frequently then once a month? As a hopeful sacrifice to the spirits of procrastination I give you this;

A detail of a palimpsest/ book autopsy/ some book art I did for a project last year and am revisiting at the moment at Uni. No title as such, just cool shadows and a little fedora tip in the general direction of the amazing Brian Dettmer whose glory is so large I can only gaze longingly at him every morning on the 7:02 bus, never screwing up the courage to say hi or even make eye contact.

Comments are now enabled for non-gmail/ live journal users, so feel free to shit your thoughts out just as I have shat mine.

mary, mary

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