21 September 2009

Musical modays: Treaty

I heard this song a lot when it first came out. I was in primary school and my mum was passionate about Indigenous Australian's rights and played it a lot. Being a kid I had no idea what the lyrics meant, I mean I understood the general idea I think, but watching the video and listening to the song again, as I have been a bit this week has been a very different experience.

I keep getting this feeling that something is very wrong with this country. I feel like some people ware their appreciation of Indigenous art like a fauxgressive badge designed to distract (white) people from their deeply held racism. But most people don't give a shit. Most people don't even bother with the pretence becasue they're that racist. I know that's my privilege to have only just realised this, but it's infuriating to realise that fuck all has changed in the collective attitude of white Australia from invasion to now.

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  1. I miss reading new posts on this blog. I came back a few months ago and started blogging again but this place has stopped, which is a shame. Hope you're improving the world elsewhere.


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